Getting Ready For It

Well 2010 is upon us.  I've already caught myself writing Jan something 2009.  It always takes me several weeks to break the habit of writing the previous year.  With the new year comes resolutions.  If you're like me you might be a bit jaded about resolutions.  I've made too many and broken too many to really give them weight anymore.  However there is one very valuable part of making resolutions that we do well not to give up on and that's evaluation.  To really make a resolution we have to stop and ask ourselves some hard questions.  Am I happy about my life, my relationships, my work?  Better yet, do I believe God is happy with them?  Where are they good?  Where are they weak?  Trace those questions back by trying to identify the contributing factors.  In other words, really stop and take a long, hard look at things and be as honest about them as possible.

When I really do that my "resolutions" become something more.  It's not just about exercising more, reading more, or watching less TV (all previous resolutions of mine).  It becomes about worship because it goes beyond the surface to the heart of the matter and that always leads me to Christ.  One thing that I learn over and over again (my short term memory is sometimes woefully lacking in the spiritual realm) is that when I'm walking closely with God the resolutions fall into place.  That means spending time with Him regularly.  If you're looking to do that as well then here is one helpful tool.  It is a "through the Bible in a year" reading plan that I really like.  It comes from Bethlehem Baptist, but they just adapted it from somewhere else.  Regardless it is a tool that really helps me keep on track with being in God's word at a personal level.  Check it out.