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Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Derwood Bible Church is proud to sponsor a thriving mom’s group called MOPS. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. The purpose of MOPS is to meet the needs of every mom -urban, suburban, and rural moms, stay-at-home and working moms, teen, single, and married moms.

MOPS recognizes that the years from infancy to kindergarten are foundational in a mother-child relationship and are filled with unique needs. MOPS helps moms through relationships established in the context of local groups like this one that provide a caring atmosphere for today’s mother of young children. For more info on DBC’s MOPS group, please check out our blog.

What happens at a MOPS Meeting?

At each of our meetings, moms enjoy a chance to socialize and relax and learn in an informal setting. At most meetings a speaker will address a topic related to motherhood or family life. Following the speaker, we’ll have time for discussion and socializing. We’ll end the morning with a creative activity or life skill lesson.

I have preschoolers.

How can I get involved with MOPS? If you are a mother of a child age birth through six, you may join MOPS. Because we need to plan for childcare, please register before attending. For more information and to register, please visit or email

What about childcare?

During the MOPS meeting, children will be cared for in a preschool-like setting called MOPPETS. We strive to make it a fun and nurturing program so that kids are glad to be there, and moms are glad to leave them.

What does it cost?

This year the annual registration fee is $31.95 – this fee goes directly to MOPS International, and in return you receive membership to MOPS International “Momsense” Magazine, published bi-monthly by MOPS International (a full-year membership), plus weekly Mom-E-Mails and encouragement delivered to your inbox. In addition, we ask that everyone pay a nominal meeting fee ($50 per semester, or $40 if not using childcare) to cover the costs of material and childcare. If money is tight, please inquire about a scholarship.

What else does MOPS offer?

We are excited to offer a few other ways to get out with other moms. Each month, we will offer one playdate. Bring your kids and enjoy some unstructured playtime, music and/or a craft.

What if I just need a night out?

Once per month MOPS will organize a Moms Night Out. Leave your kids at home and remember what life was like before kids! Each month we will try a different activity - fondue, a movie, bowling, ceramics, etc.