CCA Library Inventory


CCA Library Inventory 2016-2017


100 Top Picks For Homeschool Curriculum, (2005) Cathy Duffy (2 copies)

1001 Ways to Introduce Your Child to God by Kathie Reimer

150 Captivating Chemistry Experiments Using Household Substance, Brian Rohrig

150 More Captivating Chemistry Experiments Using Household Substance, Brian Rohrig

175 Amazing Nature Experiments

4 H Photo Kids project books:

Focus on Photography level 1

Controlling the Image level 2

Mastering Photography level 3

50 Practical Ways to Take Our Kids Back From the World

730 Easy Science Experiments with Everyday Materials



A Charlotte Mason Companion, Karen Andreola

A Charlotte Mason Education, A Homeschooling How-to Manual, Catherine Levison

A Child’s Book of Prayers, Christine Harder Tangvald

A Children’s Companion Guide to America’s History, Catherine Millard

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Mark Twain

A Golden Guide To:



Seashells of the World


A Hive of Busy Bees- Rod and Staff

A Home Start in Reading, Ruth Beechick (a set of 3 books)

A Literary Education, Catherine Levinson

A Mom Just Like You, Vickie Farris

A Pioneer Sampler: the daily life of a pioneer family in 1840, Barbara Greenwood

A Sacred Foundation – The Importance of Strength in the Homeschool Marriage, Michael Farris

A Strong Start in Language, Ruth Beechick (a set of 3 books)

A Wing and a Prayer, Tommy Nelson

Abraham Lincoln: A Man of Faith and Courage, Joe Wheeler

Adam Raccoon & the Circus Master (Forgiveness)

Adam Raccoon, The Mighty Giant

Adolescence Isn’t Terminal, Dr. Kevin Leman

Adventures in Odyssey, Books 1-8, 10

Adventures in Odyssey, The Imagination Station

#1 Voyage with the Vikings

#2 Attack at the Arena

#3 Peril in the Palace

Alexander Graham Bell – Activity Book

All About our Fifty States, Margaret Ronan

An Easy Start in Arithmetic, Ruth Beechick (a set of 3 books)

American Pioneers and Patriots - Christian Liberty Press

Any Child Can Write, Harvey S. Weiner

Apples, Charles Micucci

Art Fraud Detective: Spot the Difference, Solve the Crime! by Anna Nilsen

Astro Kids Series, by R. Elmer, 7-10yrs, Books 4-6



Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest (book and CD set)

Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Teacher’s Note

Benjamin’s Box – A Resurrection Story

Beorn the Proud

Blood Hounds, Inc, by Bill Myers, Books 1-5

Bone of Contention – Is Evolution True? Answers In Genesis

Bringing up Boys, James Dobson

Building Christian Character Books

Gilly Greenweeds Gift for Granny (Showing Love)

Suzy Swoof (Kindness)

Casey the Greedy Young Cowboy (Being Thankful)

Sammy’s Gaget Galaxy (Patience)

Sylvester the Jester (Accepting Others)



Carolina’s Courage, Elizabeth Yates

Cats in the Parsonage by Clari Shaffer, Jr.

Charlotte Mason Study Guide, Penny Gardner

Character Sketches, Institute in Basic Life Principles Vol. 1-3

Children’s Millennium Atlas of the United States

Choosing & Using Curriculum: Your Guide to Home Education, Joyce Herzog        

Corrie Ten Boom (Chronicles of Faith)

Christian Colleges and Universities (2002)

Christian History: Spiritual Awakenings in North America

Christian Home Educators’ Curriculum Manual Elementary, 2000, Cathy Duffy

Christian Home Educators’ Curriculum Manual Jr./Sr. High, 2000, Cathy Duffy

Civil War History Set of 6 Books

Divided in Two, 1861

On To Richmond, Civil War in the East

River To Victory, Civil War in the West

This Unhappy Country, Turn of the Civil War

Life Goes on, Civil War at Home

Lost Cause, The End of the Civil War


College Bound:  What Christian Parents Need to Know about Helping Their Kids Choose a College (2005)

Colonial Captives #2, Hunt

Colonial Leaders:

            Lord Baltimore

            Roger Williams

Caesar Rodney

John Winthrop

Jonathon Edwards

George Whitefield

Increase Mather

James Oglethorpe

Created to Be His Help Meet, Debi Pearl

Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method: More Than 100 Hands-on Science Experiments for Children



Daniel, Mary Christner Borntrager

Daughters of the Faith Series   

    Almost Home (Mary Chilton on the Mayflower)   

    Courage to Run (Harriet Tubman)

Ransom’s Mark (Pioneer Olive Oatman)

Shadow of His Hand (Holocaust Survivor Anita Dittman)

The Hallelujah Lass (Salvation Army Pioneer Eliza Shirley)

The Tinkers Daughter (Mary Bunyan)

Dear Levi, Letters from the Overland Trail, Elvira Woodruff

Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville

Dinah Zike’s Big Book of Science – middle school & high school: read, write and research.

Dinah Zike’s Big Book of Science Elementary – K-6

Dinah Zike’s Big Book of Books and Activities (2 copies)

Dinah Zike’s Big Boook of How to Make Projects.

Drip Drop (Noah’s Ark) – a Hear Me Read book



Electing Our Presidents, Helen Peterson

Elsie’s Impossible Choice (book 2)

Emilie’s Creative Home Organizer, Emilie Barnes

Escape From Warsaw, Ian Serraillier

Escape into the Night - Riverboat Adventure 1

Escape to Murray River -Adventures Down Under Series, Book 1

Every Child Can Succeed, Cynthia Tobias

Explorers for God

Exploring Outdoor Science: hundreds of activities for teaching young children – PreK-2

Eye Witness Books – Rocks and Minerals



First Bible Stories: Jonah and the Whale

        Moses in the Bulrushes

        Noah’s Ark

Fit Kids! Kenneth H. Cooper, MD

Five in a Row – Christian Character and Bible Study Supplement, Jane Claire Lambert

Five in a Row – Volume I, Jane Claire Lambert

Five in a Row -II, Jane Claire Lambert

Footprints and the Stones of Time “Scientific evidence the man and dinosaurs walked the Earth together”

For the Children’s Sake-Foundations of Education for Home and School, Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

Fox and His Friends, Edward Marshall

Freedom Train-The Story of Harriet Tubman

From Playpen to Podium, Jeff Myers

Fun Facts About the American Adventure



G.A. Henty Novels

    Beric the Briton

    By Pike and Dyke

    By Right of Conquest

    The Cat of Bubastes

    With Lee in Virginia

    Wulf the Saxon

Getting the Know the World’s Greatest Artists/Composers



God’s Design For Sex series (located on bookshelf in Sandy’s office)

    Book 1 The Story of Me, ages 3-5

    Book 2 Before I Was Born, ages 5-8

    Book 3 What’s the Big Deal?, ages 8-11

    Book 4 Facing the Facts. Ages 11-14.

Golden Filly Collection 1 and 2, Lauraine Snelling (5 books in 1 each collection)

Giant Science Resource Book – Grades 1-6

Going Places With Children in Washington, Green Acres School’s

Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character in You and Your Kids



Help, My Child Isn’t Learning, Dr. Grant Martin

Heroes of the Faith Series                       

            Amy Carmichael   

            Billy Graham                           

            Charles Finney   

            Corrie ten Boom                           

            Fanny Crosby                                             

            Hudson Taylor

John Wesley

            Samuel Morris   

Heroes of America Illustrated Lives               

    Babe Ruth                           

    Benjamin Franklin                       

    Clara Barton

    George Washington

    Jackie Robinson

Heroes of God

Holocaust ( Set of 8 Books )

    Forever Outsiders, Ancient Times – August 1935

    Smoke To Flame, Sept. 1935 – Dec. 1938

    The Blaze Engulfs, Jan. 1939 – Dec. 1941

    A Firestorm Unleashed, Jan. 1942 – June 1943

    Inferno, July 1943 – April 1945

    From The Ashes, May 1945 and After

    Voices and Visions

    Resource Guide

Home Educated and Now Adults

Home Grown Kids, Raymond and Dorothy Moore

Homeschooling All the Way Through High School, Renee Mason

Homeschooling – Answers to Questions Parents Most Often Ask, Deborah McIntire

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs, Sharon Hensley

Homeschooling From a Biblical Worldview, Israel Wayne

Homeschooling High School-Planning Ahead for College Admission

Homeschooling the Middle Years

Homeschooling the Struggling Learner

Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit, Teri Maxwell (2 copies)

How Am I Smart? A Parent’s Guide to Multiple Intelligences by Kathy Koch

How I Survived the Irish Famine, Laura Wilson

How I Survived the Oregon Trail, Laura Wilson

How Not to Be a Messie: The ultimate Guide for the Neatness Challenged (2 vol. In one)

How Our Car Works, Larry Burkett

How Our House Works, Larry Burkett

How Science Works – Readers Digest Book

How to Create Your Own Unit Study by Valerie Bendt (2 copies)

How to get your child off the refrigerator and on to learning: homeschooling highly distractable, ADGD, or just plan fidgety kids by Carol Barnier

How to Grow a Young Music Lover, Cherri Fuller, 2002



I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires, Cathy Gohlke

I Wonder Where Butterflies Go In Winter

If  God Should Choose, Kristen Stagg

If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution, Elizabeth Levy

Illustrated Classic Editions


    The Mutiny Aboard the H.M.S. Bounty

Illustrated Reverse Dictionary (Reader’s Digest)

Indians: An Activity Book by John Artman (an Good Apple Activity Book for Grade 4-8)

In the Presence of My Enemies, Gracia Burnham

In Their Own Way, Thomas Armstrong

Internet Safety 101 : set of 3 including a book, a booklet and a DVD.

Inside Afghanistan, John Weaver

It Couldn’t Just Happen - Fascinating Facts About God’s World, Lawrence Richards



Jesus Loves Me This I Know

Jesus Must be Really Special - Heritage Builders



Keeping Healthy: step by step science series – K-3

Kid Witness Tales, ages 8 and up, Focus on the Family, Heritage Builders

Ruled Out

Trouble Times Ten

The Worst Wish

Kid’s Praise Adventure Series

The Booklets’ Baking Boo-Boo (Obeying)

Limburgers Little White Lie (Telling the Truth)

Spotlight on Charity (Overcoming Selfishness)

Melody’s Kooky Cover Up (Building Self-Worth)



Lab Science: The How, Why, What, Who ‘n’ Where Book

Language Arts The Easy Way, Cindy Rushton

Left Behind: The Kids, by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, 10-14yrs, Books 1-20

Left Behind Series 29-40, Tim LaHaye (each 3-in-1 volume editions)

Let Freedom Ring

Eli Whitney

Anne Hutchinson

Miles Standish

Let Me Be a Woman, Elisabeth Elliot

Levi Strauss:  Mr. Blue Jeans

Liberty Letters Series

            The Story of Pocahontas, 1613

            The Underground Railroad, 1858

            Assignment:  Civil War Spies, 1862

Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe

Life Prep For Homeschooled Teenagers, Barbara Frank

Life Skills for Kids, Christine Field

Literature Connections to World History, K-6, Lynda Adamson

Literature Connections to American History, 7-12 grades

Living in Bible Times

Logged on and Tuned Out (2 copies)



Magic School Bus

Blows Its Top, A Book about Volcanoes

Electricity Field Trip, (2 copies)

Goes Upstream, A Book about Salmon Migration

Gets Cold Feet, A Book about Warm and Cold Blooded Animals

Spins a Web

Ups and Downs, A Book about Floating and Sinking

      Wet All Over, A Book about the Water Cycle

Making the Grade (2 copies)

Managers of their Homes: A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families

Mandie Books – (pre-teen)  books 1-10, 12-15, 18-22, 28, 25-26 (2 copies of #4)

Margin, Richard Swenson, MD, Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial and the Reserves to Overloaded Lives

Mars Diaries, by Sigmund Brouwer, 10-15yrs, Missions 1-10

Mary Pride’s Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling (2 copies)

Master Books

Body By Design, Alan L. Gillen

Dinosaurs by Design, Duane Gish

Exploring Planet Earth, John Hudson Tiner

Exploring the History of Medicine, John Hudson Tiner

Exploring the World around you

Exploring the World of Chemistry, John Hudson Tiner

Ideas With water, Marjorie Newman

Ideas For a Windy Day, Marjorie Newman

Marvels of Creation:

    Breathtaking Birds

    Magnificent Mammals

    Sensational Sea Creatures

Special Wonders of the Sea World, Buddy & Kay Davis

Special Wonders of the Wild Kingdom, Buddy & Kay Davis

The Astronomy Book, Dr. Jonathan Henry

The Geology Book, Dr. John D. Morris (2 copies)

The Ocean Book

The Weather Book, Michael Oard

Medal of Honor: True Stories of America’s Greatest War Heroes

Men and Women of Faith Series

            Amy Carmichael

           Andrew Murray

Borden of Yale

Charles Colson

            Charles Spurgeon

Corrie ten Boom

Charles Finney

C.S. Lewis

D.L. Moody

Eric Liddel

Francis & Edith Schaeffer

George Mueller

Gladys Alyward

Jim Elliot

John & Betty Stam

John Hyde

John Newton

John Paton

John Wesley

Luis Palau

Martin Luther

Mary Slessor

Oswald Chambers

Samuel Morris

William Booth

Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary 11th edition

Microsoft Excel:    

Challenging Projects

            Intermediate Projects

            Simple Projects

            For Terrified Teachers

Middle School: The Inside Story, Cynthia Tobias, 2014

Miracle of Miracles, Mina Nevisa

More Charlotte Mason Education, Catherine Levison

Museums and Learning – A Guide for Family Learning

My American Adventure, Amy Burritt



National Audubon Society First Field Guides

Trees (2 copies)



National Geographic Bee Official Study Guide

National Geographic Society Books
Almanac of World History by Patricia S Daniels and Stephen G Hyslop

After The Last Dog Died- Adventures of Douglas Mawson

Building Liberty- A Statue Is Born, Serge Hochain

Creatures Small and Furry

Curse of the Pharaohs

Defining A Nation – Our America and the Source of its Strength

Discovering the Inca Ice Maiden

Insects-Pocket Guide

Mysteries of History

Mystery of the Ancient Seafarers-Early Maritime Civilizations

Student Atlas of the World: A Comprehensive Reference for School and HOme

Servant to Abigail Adam – Hannah Cooper

The Mystery of Time

The New Everyday Science Explained

Thomas Jefferson

Mars-Uncovering the Secrets of the Red Planet

World Atlas for Young Explorers



On Yonder Mountain, Milly Howard

One Blood – The Biblical Answer to Racism, Ken Ham

Only Angels Can Wing It, Liz Curtis Higgs



Panic in the Wild Water, Lee Roddy

Parables for Kids, Danae Dobson & Dr. James Dobson

Parenting from the Heart: Practical Parenting from a Mom of 14 Children

Parenting Isn’t for Cowards, James Dodson

Pathways Through the Jewish Holidays

Peabody Adventures Series

    #1 Derwood Inc. by Jerri Massi

Personal Hygiene – Life Skills for Special Needs Lesson Plans

Pinocchio’s Quest- Christian Liberty Press

Polite Moments – Vol. 1, Gary and Cathy Maldaner

Praying Through the 100 Gateway Cities, Peter Wagner (Sonlight)



Read and Learn the Bible Series (beginning readers with 25 words or less)

    David and Goliath

    Fishes and Loaves

    Jesus Blesses the Children

    Jesus Fills the Nets

    Jonah and the Big Fish

    Noah’s Ark

    See What God Made!

    The Good Samaritan

    Too Tall, Too Small

Reading Activities

Reading Strands – Understanding Fiction

Ready-to-Use P.E. ACTIVITIES for Grades K- 2 by Joanne Landy and Maxwell Landy

Real Cowboy Series: (Character Development Books), Dave Sargent & Ivan Denton

    My Grandpa is a Cowboy

    A Saddle for Sally

    Misty’s Miracle

    The Blizzard

    Will Learns to Rope

Reaping the Harvest: the Bounty of Abundant-Life Homeschooling

Revolutionary War Leaders

George Rodgers Clark

Molly Pitcher

Romeo & Juliet, William Shakespeare




Scholastic Books

A Bag of Tricks-Folk Tales From Around the World

All About Turkey’s

Blood and Guts, Linda Allison

George Washington – A Picture Book Biography

On The Mayflower, Kate Waters

Outside and Inside Snakes

Samuel Eaton’s Day: a day in the life of a Pilgrim boy, Kate Waters

Sarah Morton’s Day: a day in the life of a Pilgrim girl

Seashore Babies by Katy Darling

Tapenum’s Day: A Wampanoag Indian Boy in Pilgrim Time


The Pledge of Allegiance

The Trojan War, Bernard Evslin

The Wind Blew

Science Made Simple: an easy-to-use teaching resource – Grade 6

Screamfree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach to Raising your Kids by Keeping Your Cool

Secrets of the Mummies

Senior High: A Home-Designed Formula Skills Evaluation

Shh!  We’re Writing the Constitution

Six Busy Day – The Wonderful Story of Creation, Mary Ericson

Six Great Sherlock Holmes Stories

So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling, Lisa Welchel

Son of Charlemagne

Staying Sane as You Homeschool, Kathy Kuhl

Stories Worth Rereading, The Moore Foundation

Successful Home Schooling, J. Richard Fugate

Sugar Creek Gang by Paul Hutchens book 1, 2, 17, 21, 30,32



Teaching Your Child How to Pray, Rick Osborne

Teaching Your Right Brain Child, Dianne Craft

Teddy’s Button

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (Reader's Digest)

The American Adventure Series

#1 Mayflower Adventure

#2 Plymouth Pioneers

#3 Dream Seekers

#4 Fire by Night

#6 Danger in the Harbor

#7 Smallpox Strikes

#8 Maggie’s Choice

#9 Boston Revolts

#10 The Boston Massacre

#11 The American Revolution

#12 American Victory

#13 Adventure in the Wilderness

#14 Earthquake in Cincinnati

#15 Trouble on the Ohio River

#16 Escape from Slavery

#17 Cincinnati Epidemic

#18 Riot in the Night

#19 Fight for Freedom

#27 Lights fro Minneapolfinis

#28 The Streetcar Riots

#29 Chicago World’s Fair

#30 A Better Bicycle

#31 The New Citizen

#32 The San Francisco Earthquake

#41 Black Tuesday

#42 The Great Depression

#46 War Strikes

The Amazing Pull-out Pop-up Body in a Book

The Call of the Wild, Jack London

The Captain, The Countess and Cobby the Swabby – A Book about Honor, Mary Hollingsworth

The Children’s Book of Heroes, William Bennett

The Christian Homeschool, (1995) Greg Harris

The Complete Wilderness Training Book

The Cooper Kids Adventure Series by Frank Peretti book 1-8

The Cul-de-Sac Kids Series, by Beverly Lewis, Books 1-2, 4

The Disease Fighters, the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Nathan Aaseng

The Dog Ate My Lesson Plans and Other Homeschool Joys and Tribulations (Humor), Jim Erskine

The Dove Award Signature Series: (Book and CD combo)

    I’ve Just Seen Jesus

    Thank You

    The Great Adventure

The Etiquette Advantage-Rules for the Business Professional, June Hines Moore

The Everything Study Book, (1996) Steven Frank

The Gospel According to a Snowflake

The Gospel According to a Blade of Grass

The Great Balloon Adventure, Paula Bussard

The Great Dinosaur Mystery and The Bible, Paul Taylor

The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School, David and Laurie Callihan

The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day-The Life of William Tyndale

The High School Handbook, (1997) Mary Schofield

The Home School Detectives by John Bibee, book #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, #7

The Homeschooler’s Guide to Portfolios & Transcripts, (2000) Loretta Heuer

The Homeshooling Father, Michael Farris

The Human Body, Jonathan Miller

The Joyful Homeschooler

The Last Jew of Rotterdam, Ernest Casutto

The Library of Americans Lives and Times

Aaron Burr (x2)

Benedict Arnold

Wild Bill Hickok

Noah Websters

George Armstrong Custer

Commodore Matthew Perry

Robert Rogers

Aaron Francis Marion

Nathan Hale

Peter Stuyvesant

Ethan Allen

Thomas Paine

The Life and Diary of David Brainerd, By Philip Howard, Jr.

The Little Hobo, Melba Ashburn

The Lost Chronicles – Seven Sleepers, by Gilbert Morris, 10-15yrs, Books 1-3

The New Read Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease

The Right Choice Home Schooling, Christopher J. Klicka

The Secret-Discovering God’s Secret of Handling Money

The Sowers Series

Abigail Adams

            Abraham Lincoln

            Billy Sunday

             Christopher Columbus

            Daniel Webster

            Florence Nightingale

            Francis Scott Key

            George Frideric Handel

            George Washington

            George Washington Carver

Isaac Newton

            Jason Lee

Johannes Kepler

            Johnny Appleseed

            Louis Pasteur

            Noah Webster

            Robert Boyle

Robert E. Lee (2 copies)   

            Samuel F. B. Morse

            Samuel Francis Smith

Stonewall Jackson

Susanna Wesley

            Teresa of Calcutta

            The Wright Brothers

            William Jennings Bryan

The Spiritual Lives of Great Composers

The Story of Noah

The Story of Inventions

The Story of the Monitor and the Merrimac

The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook, Roymond and Dorothy Moore

The Time Machine, H.G. Wells

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling 2001 Edition, Debra Bell

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling teens

The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook, Tammy Duby & Cyndy Regeling (2 copies, one paperback, one spiral bound)

The Unit Study Idea Book by Valerie Bendt

The Way They Learn, Cynthia Tobias

The Well-Trained Mind:  A Guide to Classical Education at Home, 1st ed.

The Wolfling, Sterling North

The Word and Sing Bible

The Winter Hero, James Collier

Three Cousins Detectives Club, Elspeth Campbell Murphy, ages 7-10

            The Mystery of the Silent Nightingale (theme: Joy)

            The Mystery of the Dancing Angels (theme: Patience)

            The Mystery of the Hobo’s Message (theme: Kindness)

The Mystery of the Magi’s Treasure (theme: Goodness)

            The Mystery of the Wedding Cake (theme: Prov. 27:4)

            The Mystery of the Sand Castle (theme:  Eccl. 3:1, 3b)

Trailblazer Books, 3rd-5th grades                       

            Escape from the Slave Traders-David Livingstone

            Imprisoned in the Golden City – Adoniram & Ann Judson

            Kidnapped by River Rats-William & Catherine Booth

            Spy for the Night Riders-Martin Luther

            The Bandit of Ashley Downs – George Muller

            The Hidden Jewel-Amy Carmichael

            The Chimney Sweep’s Ransom – John Wesley

            The Queen’s Smuggler-William Tyndale

Treasures of the Snow, Patricia St. John

Troll Biographies, Toll Associates           





            Sitting Bull


Twenty and Ten, Clarie Huchet Bishop

Unit Study Adventures – Home Construction, Architecture, Home Economics, Amanda Bennett



Usborne Books

An Usborne Guide – Drawing

An Usborne Guide – Stamps & Stamp Collecting

An Usborne Introduction to Biology

An Usborne Introduction – Understanding Music

Earthquakes and Volcanoes – Usborne Understanding Geography

Finding Out About Things Outdoors – Usborne/Hayes explainers

Growing Things – Usborne Simple Activities

Science for beginners – Understanding Your Brain

Usborne Bible Tales – The Christmas Story

Usborne Bible Tales – David and Goliath

Usborne Book of Discovery (Inventors/Scientists/Explorers)

Usborne Book of Scientists from Archimedes to Einstein

Usborne Computer guides-Computers for Beginners

Usborne Flip Flaps – How Do Your Senses Work?

Usborne Science and Experiments – Energy and Power

Usborne Science for Beginners – Understanding Your Muscles and Bones

Usborne Simple Activities – Science Surprises

Usborne Understanding Geography – Seas and Oceans

Usborne World Wildlife – Polar Wildlife

The Know How Book of Fishing

The Usborne book of Graphic Design

The Usborne Geography Encyclopedia

The Usborne guide to Riding and Pony Care

The Usborne Story of Music

The Internet-linked Children’s World Cookbook by Angela Wilkes and Fiona Watt

The Young Naturalist: an introduction to nature studies

Understanding and Collecting Rocks and Fossils

Weather and Climate – Usborne Science and Experiments



Vinegar Boy, Alberta Hawse



We, The People – The Story of the U.S. Capital

What is a Rainbow – A Just Ask Book

What’s Next? – A Hear Me Read Book

What Time Is It?

What The Bible Says About . . . Child Training, J. Richard Fugate

What Would Jesus Do? (In His Steps – Retold)

What Your Child Needs to Know When (2001), Robin Sampson

Where do you think you’re going Christopher Columbus?

Where the Brave Dare Not Go – The Amazing Life of Ray Barnett

Whitney Rides the Whale with Jonah and Learns She Can’t Run Away, Therese Johnson Borchard

Whitney Sews Joseph's Many-Colored Coat and learns a Lesson about jealousy by Therese Johnson Borchard

Wild Bill Hickok Tames The West

William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night retold by Bruce Coville

Wise Words – Family Stories that Bring the Proverbs to Life, Peter Leithart

Woof Finds a Family, Danae Dobson

Worth Waiting For

Celebrating Changes: Everything you always wanted to know about sex in Middle School by David Sherrer and Linda Klepacki
Fearless Love: making sexual choices that honor God by David Scherrer and Linda Klepacki

Writer's Co-op: A Planning Guide for a Successful and Fun Co- op  by Maggie Hogan & Janice M. Baker



You and Your Body:  Ears

You Wouldn’t Want to Be on Apollo 13!

You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Victorian Servant!

Young Kids and Computers, A Parent’s Survival Guide, Warren Buckleitner

Young Reader's Christian Library

Abraham Lincoln by Sam Wellman (pocket book)

John Wesley : The Horseback Preacher (pocket book)



America’s Castles:  Newport Mansions (A&E home video)

Answers in Genesis – Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel (set of 2)

Chalk Dust Company, SAT Math Review Set of 7 DVDs (2 sets)

Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts, Columbus and the Pilgrims to the Freedom Trail

God’s NOT Dead   

Goldhil Educational, The New SAT Critical Reading and Writing DVD

             The New SAT Math DVD

Herb Meyer’s The Siege of Western Civilization

History Channel DVDs

    A Complete History of the Green Berets

    America: The Story of Us

    Great American Monuments: The White House

    Great Monuments of Washington D.C.


    George Washington Carver Tech

    Howard Hughes Tech

    Panama Canal

    Ronald Reagan:  a  Legacy Remembered

    The Ambulance: Racing for Life

Internet Safety 101 (also includes a resource book and a booklet) -- see Book section for Internet Safety 101

Liberty’s Kids: 3 discs






Madeline’s Merry Musical Melodies

The Adventures of Madeline: Adventures in Paris

Marco Polo:  Journey to the East

Martial Arts DVDs:

            Orange Belt Tape
Blue Belt Tape
Brown Belt tape
Black Belt tape

Max Lucado’s Hermie & Friends

                        Buzby and the Grumble Bees; It’s about Bee-Having

            Hailey & Bailey’s Silly Fight: It’s About Getting Along

Hermie and the High Seas: It’s About Faith

Stanley: The StinkbugGoes to Camp: It’s About Friendship

Military Wilderness Survival Handbook

Moody Institute of Science

    Journeys to the Edge of Creation (set of 2)

    The Awesome Forces of God’s Creation (set of 3)

    The Wonders of God’s Creation (set of 3)

The Biblical Dinner

The Bible Explorer Series:  

The Ark of the Covenant

The Search for Noah’s Ark

Mount Sinai

The Gospel of John

The Nativity Story

      The Story Keepers Collection: Catacomb; Ready, Aim, Fire.

The True Christmas Story (That the World May Know)

The Truth Project (set of 6)

The Unknown History of the 20th Century

WeeBee Tunes Travel Adventures:  The Journey Continues


    An Easter Carol

    Where’s God When I’m S-Scared?




Adventures in Odyssey – No Way Out

    Living in the Gray I, Living in the Gray II, Stubborn Streaks—CD 1

    Called on in Class, The Girl in the Sink, Bernard and Saul—CD 2

    Eggshells, Nothing But the Half Truth, Split Ends—CD 3

    Something’s Got to Change, No Way Out, No Way In—CD 4

CHAP 2005 Convention Don’t Miss the Gift in This Child

CHAP 2006 Convention Passing on the Blessing

CHAP 2006 Teaching Children ART at Home

CHAP 2006 The Forgotten Art of Singing

Family Life Today: How Empty is Your Nest – Barbara Rainey

Focus on the Family’s The Last Chance Detectives

    Mystery of the Lost Voices (2 CD set)

    The Day Ambrosia Stood Still (2 CD set)

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

    Anne of Green Gables (3 CD set)   

    The Hiding Place (3 CD set)

    The Chronicles of Narnia:

        The Magician’s Nephew (2 CD’s)

        The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2 CD’s) (Cover corners damaged)

        The Hor    se and His Boy (3 CD’s)

        Prince Caspian (3 CD’s)

        The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (3 CD’s)

        The Silver Chair (3 CD’s)

        The Last Battle (3 CD’s)

    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2 CD set)

    The Secret Garden (2 CD set)

Getting Your Kids to Love to Write

Hallelujah Handel

Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength – Raising Children Who Hunger For God, Dr. Jeff Myers (3 CD set)

How Empty is Your Nest? By Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution

In Freedom’s Cause: The Real Story of Wallace and Bruce, The Adventures of G.A. Henty

Masterpiece CD’s



    Classic II







SAT Math Review by Dana Mosely

            Disc 1 Arithmetic - Part 1

            Disc 2 Arithmetic – Part 2

            Disc 3 Algebra

            Disc 4 Geometry

            Disc 5 Other Topics

            Disc 6 New Topics in 2005 Part 1

            Disc 7 New Topics in 2005 Part 2

The Familyman Live:   

Father Power

        Help! I’m Married to a Homeschooling Mom

        Will the Real Homeschooling Mom Please Stand Up!

        Argg! I Can’t Remember Why I Homeschool

        Homeschooling but Still Married

The Burnham Story

Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery

Your Story Hour – Great Stories vol. 2

Henry Ford—CD 3

Honey Creek Heroine; The Autograph, A Special Strength—CD 4

The Most Important Treasures & The Good Neighbor—CD 5

Sandy’s Singing/Bread on the Water & The Clock Struck Ten—CD 6




Tessel Mania

The Virtual Immunology Lab

Senses and Sensitivity

Of Hearts & Hypertension

Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts – Foundations of Character (book to go with it)




Microscope A – Fisher Scientific with Light

Microscope B – Sears 600 power

Microscope C – Usborne with book

Microscope D – WF 10x Model 2051 – wooden box

Microscope E – Bausch and Lomb

“Switch On” – Electricity Set (Please do not leave batteries in the set!)

Interactive Solar System

The Teaching Tank


Cool Cash Bingo

The Phonics Game



Practical Homeschooling (#54, #55, #57)

Homeschool Enrichment (4 issues) (Anniversary Edition, Nov/Dec 2003, Jan/Feb 2004, Sept/Oct 2004)

The Old Schoolhouse (Spring 04 issue)


Misc. Items

Birds of the Everglades – a collection of 12 prints

Collector's Kit : Gemstones

Endangered Species of South Florida Nat’l Parks – A Collection of 12 Postcards

CPR Training Kit

Masters of Disaster kit

Magic School Bus body toys

DVD – CCA Class of 2006 Graduation