Derwood Bible Church is sending a team to support our ministry partner, Sarita Romeiro, who serves with Open Arms Worldwide. Open Arms Worldwide mobilizes, prepares, equips and aids Christian leaders in establishing faith-based child and community projects reaching at-risk children and their families. Sarita specifically works with children of the indigenous tribes in the villages surrounding the city of Aquidauana.

Our team will potentially support OAW in two ways. First, we will help provide a children’s day program in several villages. This will include crafts, games, and general manual labor to “make it happen.” OAW will lead teaching times and direct the program.

The second way we will support OAW is with basic medical treatment for families while the children’s program is taking place. This will depend on whether we have medical personnel on our team.

When: 6/30-7/9

What: A Children's Program for the Villages

  • The curriculum will be provided by OAW

  • Theme: The Word / Sword of the Spirit

  • Craft: Decorate Bible Covers, Make Bookmark, Give them a Bible at the end

  • Games: Any youth group type games we can come up with

More: Medical Component

  • If we have trained medical personnel on our team we will also provide a medical component (Basic blood pressure, blood sugar tests, treat open wounds and infections, train in some basic physical therapy)


Schedule (so far)

  • Fly out 6/30 and arrive 7/1

  • 1 night in Aquidauana

  • 3 nights in Limao Verde village

  • 1 night Lagoinha village

  • 1 night in Aquidauana

  • Fly out 7/8 and arrive home 7/9 

Campo Grande is the city we fly into. From there we travel to Aquidauana and serve in the surrounding villages.

Campo Grande is the city we fly into. From there we travel to Aquidauana and serve in the surrounding villages.

Cost: The cost depends on several factors so we won’t know the exact cost until we have our team identified and have purchased airline tickets. A conservative estimate is $2000.

Additional costs to keep in mind are vaccinations, extra money for souvenirs, and items purchased in the airports. See this site to get an idea of what vaccinations will be needed, but please check with your physician to be safe.

Suggested Packing List: coming soon

For more information please contact Mike Speer.