ACE (Adult Christian Education)

Before the worship service, please come and join us for our Adult Christian Education (ACE) classes from 8:45 - 9:45am in the old building. These take place on a semester basis. There will be a class on Discipleship June 4th, then the next session will begin June 18th with Mere Christianity, an 8-week class. Childcare is available upon request.

Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity is a Christian classic written by C.S. Lewis.  This six-week ACE class will focus on the first two sections of the book in which Lewis logically explains the underpinning of Christian belief.  Lewis himself was a self-proclaimed atheist who turned to Christ after unsuccessful trying to prove that God does not exist.  These chapters in Mere Christianity share a glimpse into Lewis's journey of identifying Christ as the one and only true God.  The full manuscript is available for free online.